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Complicated Secrets


Complicated Secrets was created with all kinds of media. Artist Rose Mara craved textures with this particular piece and built this desire up with the use of papers, heavy impastos and lots of layers. Finer details were achieved with oil pastels, markers and her trusty old broken brush.

Complicated Secrets is a vulnerable piece for each one of us carrying the burden of a secret. For those who haven't found their voice yet to speak up. Inspired by the woman who have spoken up , and who have challenged the men and systems who tried to silence them. Inspired by the many walks of life who marched the city streets of Australia today 15.3.2021 demanding a change in how woman are treated. 

Our voices will echo.

 An original abstract art work.

Dimensions 50cm x 50cm depth 6cm

Acrylic paints and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Framed professionally in oak timber

This artwork is available through Kings Junction, Bugendore NSW

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